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Here you will find answers to questions about service details - legal advice over the internet

Can I receive KST’s legal advice if I am not a Client of the firm?

We offer our Internet services not only to our existing Clients but also to those contacting us for the first time.

Why do we offer legal advice over the Internet?

Usually, Clients seeking legal advice simply meet a lawyer in our office. However, for the comfort of Clients who find it more convenient to use the Internet, we have created an e-mail legal advice system.

What services are provided via the Internet?

Clearly, given the nature and complexity of certain cases, some services should not be provided via the Internet. Hence, some cases will involve, by their very nature, personal contact with a lawyer.

However, our experience shows that many instructions can be performed without meeting a lawyer. These include in particular:

  1. legal analysis,
  2. draft submissions in proceedings,
  3. draft contracts,
  4. remarks on draft contracts proposed by the other party,
  5. other draft documents.

Each of our opinions or other documents is drawn up by an advocate, whose name appears at the end of the text.

What fields of law are covered by our Internet services?

Advice may be provided on any field of Polish law or the law of the European Union, including, in particular, civil law, business law, corporate law, banking law, family law, probate, construction law, real estate law and public procurement law.

How to order services via the Internet?

If you wish to request our advice using e-mail, please complete and send an enquiry form. Please provide clear, detailed and comprehensive information on your problem, including even facts you may consider to be irrelevant.

What happens if the enquiry I have sent is insufficient to draw up a legal opinion?

If the information provided in the enquiry proves insufficient, we will indicate the missing items and ask you to provide additional information.

How can I send the documents (copies) needed to draw up a legal opinion?

Copies of documents needed to assess a problem may be sent by e-mail, by post or by courier to our law firm’s address, or by facsimile. The full address, facsimile and telephone details are available on our website.

Why is there a question about the other party to the relevant transaction in the enquiry form?

The enquiry form includes a request to provide information on the other party to the relevant transaction or proceedings because this information will allow us to avoid any possible conflict of interest.

What are the languages in which KST provides Internet services?

KST provides its services in three languages: Polish, English and French.

What is the procedure for obtaining KST’s legal advice via the Internet?

After you have completed and sent an enquiry form with a clear, detailed and comprehensive description of the problem referred to in the enquiry, including all information and documents needed, we will let you know, by e-mail within 48 hours (business days only) of receipt of the enquiry, whether we are ready to draw up the requested legal opinion (or other document), the fee we propose and the method of payment.

Will I sign a contract for the provision of Internet services?

In order to simplify the procedure of ordering services via the Internet, as a rule we do not sign a contract. We assume that the contract is concluded when the Client pays our fee. Such payment means that the Client accepts the conditions offered in our proposal.

How long is KST’s proposal binding?

The time to pay our fee is usually 14 days following the date on which our proposal is sent. We assume that failure to pay the fee within that time means that the Client no longer requires our services. After we receive payment, we will draw up the requested legal opinion (or other document) and send it to you, depending on your choice, by e-mail or by registered letter. We will also send you an invoice for the fee paid.

What happens if I do not accept the proposed fee?

If you do not accept the proposed fee or decide not to retain our services before payment, you will not be obliged to pay our fee and we will not draw up a legal opinion (or any other document).

Will the information that I send KST for the purposes of legal advice be protected?

Any information and data that we receive from you in relation to our services must be protected and is subject to a confidentiality obligation, binding upon advocates. According to article 6 of the Act of 26 May 1982 – Law on Advocates:“1. An advocate shall keep confidential all information that he has learned in relation to providing legal assistance.

2. The duty to respect professional confidentiality cannot be limited in time.

3. No advocate may be released from the duty to respect professional confidentiality in respect of facts he has learned whilst providing legal assistance or handling a case.

4. The duty to respect professional confidentiality does not apply to information provided under the provisions of the Act of 16 November 2000 on Counteracting Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism (O. J. of 2014, item 455) – to such extent as set out in these provisions.”

Is it secure to send information regarding a problem via the Internet?

Transmission of the data included in the enquiry is secured by the SSL encryption protocol, which guarantees maximal security of data transmission.